Destination Wedding in Borneo

I just arrived back in London after shooting Carmen + Vigita's epic destination wedding in Kota Kinabalu. Why Kota Kinabalu? Well in Carmens' words..... 

Vigita's home town is Kota Kinabalu (KK) - most of his family is there, his grandma who is important to him is in KK so we chose to have the wedding there We chose to have it at the Shangri-La because one its a beautiful venue, two its the Shangri-La - easier for me to organise a wedding from overseas as they would have organised many weddings. Also you can watch a very beautiful sunset there - have an unobstructed view. KK has one of the best sunsets in the world. 

Tell me more about you, what do you do for work, how do you spend your days, what do you like to do as a couple?

I'm a HR Advisor, Vigita is solicitor. We both enjoy playing soccer, exercising, watching soccer, watching tv cooking together. Life is simple for us - we like to hang out, just the two of us - we also enjoy spending time with friends, family. The important things in life are health, family, happiness, friends and money to a certain degree lol. We like to have a good laugh. We spend alot of time together we really enjoy each other's company , we're like best friends, mates - both easy going, we go with the flow.

Tell me about the proposal ... I want to know everything!...

It was our 2nd year anniversary - a Wednesday night. The night before Vigita had told me to wear something nice but given that it was our anniversary i didn't think much into it. I wasn't aware of where we were going for dinner either. So i went to work and a few of the girls said i looked nice, what i had planned after work - so i told them it was our anniversary and then one of the girls turned around and said straight out "i think he's going to propose". I just laughed it off because i really didn't think he was going to propose. After work i met up with Vigita on the corner of Pitt and Market Street. He got me a dozen of red roses - second time he ever got me flowers - first time was our 1 year anniversary when we were in London. We then walked towards The Star - dinner was at Sokyo. On our way there i even said to Vigita - my colleague said you me you are going to propose tonight and we both just laughed it off. Once we got to the restaurant a waitress approached us and said "Happy Birthday!" which i said no its not my birthday, then once we sat down another waitress came over and said "Happy Anniversary! How long have you been married?" i said we're not married. So after hearing those comments i thought ok he can't be proposing to me here tonight. We finished our dinner, was very full so Vigita suggested we take a walk near the wharf. We kept walking until we hit a gate and a dead end. I had to get up early the next morning so i said lets just go home its getting late. Then as i was walking away Vigita said wait i got a present for you. He took this medium sized red heart shaped box out from his bag and gave it to me. i was excited! Then i took the lid away - saw a card sitting on top of some wrapping paper. Straight away i lifted the card and the wrapping paper away and saw a small box in the middle of the heart shaped box he gave me. i was shocked. He then said 'you should've read the card first'. i was nervous, i said ok and then read the card - at the end of the card he wrote Will you marry me? I couldn't stop crying at that point and he asked me the question in person. I said yes right away in tears of happiness. i did ask him whether he was going to get down on one knee but a ferry just parked at the wharf and there was a lot of people getting off so i said actually don't worry about it.. haha. And that was it! then we called my family, close friends , but everyone knew already except for me . He totally took me by surprise! He later told me that was exactly what he had in mind which was to give me a surprise.